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Unexpected colorations make these Iris florals a delightful addition to your decor or quilting palette. Choose from traditional ivory, pink, burgundy, sage with delicate butter gold accents or tried and true spring navy, with teal, peacock and azalea pinks.
Debuted at the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, Aspen by Marianne Elizabeth continues the series of Classically Home Collection Fabrics.

Classically Home Collection: The Giverny Collection

100% Cotton fabrics, 42-45" wide
Standard quilting/apparel weight goods.



New from Marianne Elizabeth.

 This delightful new collection heralds the arrival of spring. A specially woven cloth gives this fabric the LOOK of Linen. Carefully woven, thick and thin threads, add a dimensional texture to the design, giving a richness to even the most delicate floral details. Unlike linen, this cloth has a soft hand. and iron's crisply.




The Marleigh Collection by Marianne Elizabeth