Pot of Flowers or Pride of Iowa Quilt Pattern

Pot of Flowers or Pride of Iowa Quilt Pattern

From the Classically Home Vintage Renditions division:

Modeled after several antique quilts of this style, this Pride of Iowa or Pot of Flowers pattern is traced to the mid 1800s. Each one Marianne studied had a central four block motif including vase. Some had birds on the branches within the vase, others didn't. She found in her research that each quilter used her own border motif. Marianne's features her own unique border design, putting our own "stamp" on this wonderful vintage design. This is ours exclusively. Design is copyrighted and may not be used for commercial production. Classically Home Vintage Renditions is a trademark of Marianne Elizabeth.

You'll love the full size images and the fact that you will receive mirror images so you have no "reversing" to do.

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The Quilt pictured was made by Darlene Donohue and was awarded a 2nd Place Award in the category of Hand Applique in the 2011 AQS Show in Paducah, KY. Darlene also won at NQA in June 2011. Her quilt is featured in the 2012 AQS quilt calendar and the NQA magazine.

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